Axel Nix   US Patent Agent

Axel Nix

US Patent Agent

Axel is of counsel for Millman IP.

Axel has been drafting and prosecuting patents since 2005 in the US, and has spent time at an intellectual property firm in Germany prior to that.  He also has many years of experience as an engineer.

After obtaining a degree as a “Diplomingenieur” (MSEE) Axel joined Opel to design automotive electronic systems. As part of the prestigious GM Overseas Fellowship Program Axel moved to the US in 2000 and was the global lead engineer for navigation systems for General Motors. He is a recipient of the Boss Kettering Award, the highest recognition for innovation at GM. Axel also has spent several years leading the global systems engineering for driver assistance systems at a division of Magna International.
Axel’s practice focuses on drafting and prosecuting patents for mechanical and electrical technologies, and design patents.  As a result of his fluency in German and English, his practice includes a number of clients in Germany who call upon him to secure patent protection in the US for their innovations. These clients appreciate being able to discuss their inventions in German, and being able to do so with a patent agent who also has extensive practical engineering experience.
Axel is a member of the National Association of Patent Practitioners and licensed private pilot.